Using XVI32

The main things you need to know.

  1. Its stable!!!!!

  2. It looks complicated to use.

  3. It looks confusing.

  4. Its not that bad.

A quick example guide on how to use XVI32.

We are going to perform a seem edit to disable AMR-HR. Here is the seem edit info below from xlr8's seem map:


Note that the seem file as listed in the seem map for this particular edit is 00a2_0001, so you must retrieve that file from your phone, and open it in XVI32. Now that you have it open, you'll see some text in the squares, this particular seem is very small, so only 4 boxes have text in it.

Now, we want to disable AMR-HR and make sure AMR-FR is enabled. We must go to the first offset, which is like an address within the seem, and modify the appropriate bits. Do this by selecting "Address" pulldown menu at the top, and select "Goto...". Now you'll have a little window popup:

This is where you are going to punch in the first offset address, notice the ** all offsets are HEX**. This is very important, as you need to set the go to address to hexadecimal in the goto box, if you don't, you're gonna be editing the wrong offset, which is not good.

Now punch in the address of the first offset we need to modify, which is "00", in hexadecimal, then click ok. XVI32 is now on offset 00, and you can verify this by looking at the lower left corner of XVI32, 00 is 0 as is 04 is 4.

Now its time to manipulate the bits. Select the "Tools" pull down menu at the top, and select "Bit Manipulation...". In the popup window you will see a row of checkboxes, for bits 0 through 7 (8 bits total, sound familiar?). A checked box =s On or 1, an unchecked box =s Off or 0.

Now, we want to disable AMR-HR, this is offset 00, bit 5 is to disable AMR-HR, so check bit 5. Bit 6 is to enable AMR-HR, since we can't be disabled and enabled at the same time, we need to uncheck bit 6. Since you are done with this offset, click "Set".

Now you must move onto the next offset, now go back to the  "Address" pulldown menu at the top, and select "Goto...". Punch in your next offset address which is 01 (In hexadecimal).

 Then go to Tools, then Bit Manipulation, since this is AMR-FR, we want to make sure this is enabled, bit 5 should be unchecked, and bit 6 should be checked. The phone should already have this enabled so you shouldn't have to do anything, click cancel.

You are now done with this seem file, Save it, and upload it to your phone, then restart it.

See, not too bad now is it?